About us

Connaisseur Card in brief
The Connaisseur Card Group was founded 1969 in Sweden and is a pioneer in gift certificates with freedom of choice. We are based in Sweden and Germany and serve 8000 clients with our exclusive gifcards throughout Scandinavia and Europe. In Sweden we have more than 600 distributors who are authorized to sell our gift vouchers.

What do we do?
Our giftvouchers entitles the holder of the card to one or more gifts to be sent to his/her home, or to any address in the EC countries at the date he/she prefers. Our concept is straightforward and appreciated by everyone because it is based on freedom of choice. We deliver the things you want to give away, all the way, to the doorstep of the gift recipient. You can personalise and custom-make your gift card and promote your company with logo, special messages and even choose the content that suits your needs.

What can we do for you?
We use the latest technology for shipping and processing so that you can manage your gift and reward programmes professionally. How can we contribute to your efficiency?

More about CC Group
The CC Group is a wholesaler that sells hundreds of retailers all over Europe.
We are a growth company which creates, acquires and develops branded merchandise for the corporate profiling and consumer markets, mainly within clothing, accessory and present sectors. The Group shall achieve synergies by coordinating design, purchasing, marketing and distribution of the Group’s collections as well as utilizing coordinating advantages between the Group’s brands. The Group shall operate within the promotional and retail markets in order to obtain a good risk spread.